Young Adults: Paulo Kohl

Young Adults: Paulo Kohl

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When Timoteo was first started, coaches were allowed to play with the youth.  The reason for this was that the players needed some guidance, but we also found it to be an effective way to keep some of our alumni involved with the league.  Within four years of the start of Timoteo, the league grew rapidly and we had a lot of alumni… thus our young adult league (Paulo Kohl) was formed.  “Paulo” is actually Portuguese for “Paul” who mentored Timothy (Timoteo) in the Bible.  “Kohl” is an acronym meaning: Kensington Old Head League.

PK flag football league runs from September- November and is played at Scanlon Recreation Center.  The majority of our league are young adults ages 18-125 and who have had experience in Timoteo.  PK has been an important piece of Timoteo in terms of relationships being built and coaches getting to know each other on a deeper level.

You can watch PK Football: PK TOP TEN VIDEOS HERE   

You can watch PK Basketball: PK BASKETBALL VIDEOS HERE

Follow PK Football on their WEBSITE 

Follow PK Basketball on their WEBSITE



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