Building a Movement

Building a Movement

About this project

What started as a small flag football league is quickly becoming a movement.  In 2015 a group of people from Baltimore visited Timoteo in Philly after hearing about their work.  Over half of the recreation centers in Baltimore have closed and there was a great need for something for their youth.  After consultation and a visit to Baltimore by Philly staff “10:12 Sports” was born.  10:12 Sports was modeled after Timoteo and it is working!  Using the same philosophy and mediums, we are seeing that our model works in other communities as well.

We are a part of something that has the potential of growing into a movement that would have positive effect throughout oppressed communities.  We are on the brink of expanding into other sports, into academic and vocational programming, into other neighborhoods and cities.  We cannot do this alone, and we are excited to see the many people joining us int his movement to make our world a better place.

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