As the Body of Christ we partner with others to mentor youth.


Timoteo seeks to impact the hearts of youth to bring transformation to our city.



We are bold followers of Jesus Christ, who seek to live out His teachings in all that we do. Jesus spent his time teaching about the “Kingdom of God,” which was a lifestyle reflecting God’s original intentions for His creation, the way things ought to be. Through Timoteo we seek to model this value in every neighborhood we are connected to. Practically, we live this out by creating a culture of non-violence and brotherhood (and sisterhood), teaching kids the Scripture, imitating a posture of prayer, seeking justice through empowerment, creating jobs, providing opportunities for academic excellence, and encouraging others to serve in their communities.

Timoteo works on a model of empowerment. We choose to see the potential in others and provide opportunities for people to live out that potential. Through leadership development, coach training, and mentoring we empower youth to transform their lives. Timoteo creates an environment where “each one teaches one,” as players become coaches, and coaches become staff. Empowerment also happens on the field of play, through skill and confidence building, to prepare youth to accomplish great things in life.

Timoteo is built on love, integrity, trust and accountability in order to ensure our organizational excellence. We believe everything should be done well; from the lines making up the fields, to the coaching, to our business practices. Excellence is part of the culture and expectation that we create, which empowers people.

What initially starts on a football field can translate into positive impact in academia, the workforce, the community and the church. Timoteo is not interested in simply getting bigger for bigger’s sake; rather we desire to grow slowly, making sure that everything we do is highly sustainable.

Timoteo does not act alone, rather our strength is found in being in relationship with others. Timoteo seeks to strengthen the community through partnerships with churches and other local organizations. We desire to be a blessing to others so we view partnerships as a mutually beneficial relationship with the purpose of bringing glory to God.



Flag Football is a dynamic team sport that engages young men, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Leadership, responsibility, teamwork, communication, health living and brotherhood are all important character building blocks for a successful future.


Timoteo does not simply have a mentoring program. They ARE mentoring program, which aims to develop young people of character, leadership and service through faith in Jesus Christ. Coaches and staff strive to be living examples of the love and grace of Jesus, where words are consistently backed up by action. 


Just as the support of our churches, coaches, families and communities is integral to making a difference in the hearts and minds of our young people, building partnerships and making connections across neighborhoods is integral to unifying the body of Christ and transforming the city of Philadelphia.