J.E.E.P Awards

J.E.E.P Awards

About this project


JESUS: We are a Christian organization but we Christians that partner Christians and non-Christians alike. Timoteo participants are mostly unchurched, some claiming to be Christian, others Muslim, and others do not claim a faith at all. Timoteo seeks to walk with players, coaches and the surrounding community exhibiting the love of Jesus. Prior to each game players quote a Bible verse b

 EXCELLENCE: We believe everything should be done well; from the lines making up the fields, to coaching, mentoring, to our business practices. Excellence is part of the culture and expectation that we create, which empowers people. Through excellence we call players to a higher level of performance on and off the field. What initially starts through sports, can translate into a positive impact in academia, the workforce, the community and the church.  Expect excellence, and you will receive excellence!

 EMPOWERMENT: Timoteo works on a model of empowerment. We see the potential in others and provide opportunities for people to live out that potential. Through leadership development, coaches training, and mentoring we empower youth to transform their lives and community.

 PARTNERSHIP: Timoteo does not act alone; rather our strength is found in being in relationship with others. Timoteo seeks to strengthen the community through partnerships with churches and other local organizations.


On December 15 Timoteo will have their first ever “J.E.E.P. Awards.”  The Awards ceremony is a formal affair and seeks to tell the story of Timoteo through a variety of J.E.E.P Awards.  The awards being celebrated this year are:

Best Timoteo Championship Performance

Best Female Athlete

Best Male Athlete

Hall of Fame

Pastor Fred Estrada Award

Carlos Diaz Jr. Award

Timoteo Discipleship Award

Timoteo Scholar Award

Timoteo Perseverance Award

Barnabas Award

Coach of the Year

Health and Fitness Award

Community Engagement Award

Humanitarian Award


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