Beyond Sports

Beyond Sports

About this project

 Timoteo is a Christian organization, but we are Christians that partner with people Christian and non-Christian.  Timoteo participants are mostly unchurched folks, some claim Christianity, some claim to be Muslim, and others do not claim a faith at all.  Timoteo seeks to walk with players, coaches and the surrounding community exhibiting the love of Jesus Christ. We work at promoting family and community so that people will see God’s love and personal care for them. We specifically expose our players to a prayerful mindset on and off the field, and introduce them to healthy competition that will give them future skills.

Prior to each game we have youth quote a short bible verse.  The verse is reflective of leadership or some sort of wisdom to help youth in life.  We also provide an “alternative quote” for those uncomfortable sharing a Bible verse.  Also at the end of each game the two teams shake hands and end with a prayer circle.  What this has done has helped foster a positive culture where creating friendship and the values of Christianity (peace, love, community) are manifested.

In 2017 we partnered with the Fellowship with Christian Athletes and held weekly Bible studies with members of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Not a requirement for our participants, we had a very good turn out each week, and our players were encouraged.

Check out the video here of TIMOTEO SPIRITUALITY