Part of Timoteo’s strategy of personal transformation is to create education and employment opportunities that empower young men. Through a partnership with Simple Way and Eastern University, a number of our players have had the opportunity to attend college, and one of our players recently received a full scholarship to Eastern University. Timoteo is looking for volunteers to be educational advocates, providing support to players who need tutoring and/or support as they progress through their educational careers.

Building the skills and strengths of our young men is extremely important for them to become competitive and thriving members of our community. Timoteo hires youth and young adults in different capacities to help run the league. The staff also develops partnerships with local organizations and businesses for the purpose of providing employment opportunities to our youth. Once youth are hired, the Timoteo staff provides accountability and support through vocational advocates.

Philadelphia’s unemployment rate was 6.37% but it was 10.28% for African Americans and 10.53% for Hispanics.
(Economic Policy Institute, Q3 2014).
The high school graduation rate in Philadelphia is 45% for African American males and 43% for Latino males.
The high school drop out rate in Philadelphia is 50% for African American and Latino males.